The 4MedPlus Corporation

4mednewoffice8550The 4MedPlus Corporation was founded in 2010 to address the growing need in the medical community for aggregated unbiased resources and online learning on topics relating to health information technology, compliance, government incentive programs and more. has been successful in securing a strong group of forward-thinking distribution partners to help support their mission and to create a comprehensive network of industry relationships to deliver their unique educational content to the nationwide healthcare community.



Corporate Management Team


Wendy Whitmore, Chief Executive and Learning Officer

w.whitmore-150x150Wendy Whitmore has more than 24 years of experience in the healthcare and information technology industries. She currently acts as managing partner and learning officer for all 4Medapproved projects. Her experience includes marketing and strategic planning at Framingham Union Hospital in Massachusetts; training management for hospital contracts at HBOC Software in Foster City, California; and more recently, as Director of Health IT Consulting at SSG, LLC an Illinois based technology firm. Wendy created and co-founded the 4Med concept in 2010 in an effort to lead the HIT industry by aggregating and creating unbiased, accessible content on Health IT topics delivered through quality online continuing education.

Brian Johnson, Senior Director of Online Training

b.johnsonBrian Johnson is the Senior Director of Online Education at 4Medapproved, where he oversees course development and online learning. He also hosts 4Medapproved’s popular Learning Lunch series, interviewing industry experts on Health IT, HIPAA, ICD-10, and more. Before he joined 4Medapproved, Brian managed life sciences content for a major reference publisher, developing innovative websites, apps and more. He has extensive experience in education publishing, online learning, and project management.


Sarah Glynn, Senior Director of Operations

s.glynn_-150x150Sarah Glynn has more than 20 years of experience in the life sciences and healthcare fields. As the Sr. Director of Operations for 4Medapproved, Sarah is responsible for the 4MedMarketplace and Sponsorship programs. She also manages the 4Medapproved Learning Lunch Webinar Series, enabling partners, sponsors and other industry experts to deliver free educational content and needed programs to the medical community audience.



Content Design and Development Team


Brad Heffran, Director of Partnerships and Student Services

BradBrad brings a deep commitment and creative content development craft to his contribution at 4Medapproved. His Learning Management System (LMS) skillset and editing focus helps to ensure that all course content is delivered with high quality and consistent reliability. Brad has also helped to support the partner and distribution channel for 4Medapproved with exemplary professionalism and attentive service.


Nick Judin, Curriculum Development Manager

Nick manages the course development pipeline, informed by an extensive history of content creation and project management experience. In addition, he coordinates multimedia production, module review, and seminar presentations. His precision and talent for optimization keep course content clear, accessible, and up-to-date with the latest standards and industry developments.


 Rebecca Magana, Education Program Manager

Rebecca (124x124)Rebecca contributes to creative content and course development in her role at 4Medapproved. She has over 8 years of Educational background and experience in teaching reading comprehension strategies and developing interactive learning mediums to increase course material.



Melanie Bender, Senior Communications Visual Designer

MelanieMelanie has developed more than 20 commercially and critically successful educational websites in her 25+ years as a designer. She is also an accomplished mobile designer with a recent project featured on Apple’s iTunes store as a “New and Noteworthy educational app”. Melanie has contributed significantly to the look and feel of the 4Medapproved educational programs and to the branding efforts of the company. Her extensive experience in educational publishing has made her an invaluable asset to the 4Med Content Development Team.


Laurie Attea, Senior Video Producer and Multimedia Designer

LAurieLaurie is an accomplished video developer and designer with advanced film, animation and audio editing skills. She has helped develop a unique and engaging multimedia component to the 4MedPlus learning model over the years, adding tremendous value to the programs. Her degree and many years in theater and film production add a depth of experience that is reflected in the high quality and respected format of the 4Medapproved modular system.


Evan DePue, Audio Producer and Technical Adviser

evan_pic (2)Evan provides advanced audio editing and production as part of the content team at 4Medapproved. He holds a Masters Degree in Audio Arts and Acoustics from Columbia College and has extensive technical experience in support of the 4Medapproved learning development mission.



Subject Matter Experts and Instructors


 Mike Semel, Subject Matter Expert (SME): HIPAA & Security Topics

Semel2Mike is a Certified Business Continuity Professional, HIPAA Professional, HIPAA Administrator, Security Compliance Specialist, and Health IT Specialist. He has owned or managed tech companies for over 30 years; served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a Critical Access hospital and a K-12 school district. He has also chaired the CompTIA IT Security Community and is an active member of the FBI’s Infragard program. Mike has authored numerous HIPAA educational courses for 4Medapproved and is the lead subject matter expert on HIPAA and other security related topics for the 4Medapproved content development team.


Joy Rios, Subject Matter Expert (SME): Health IT and Incentive Program Topics

JoyJoy has been monitoring and managing compliance and incentive programs for clients for many years. She has successfully attested on behalf of multiple medical sites for MU (Medicare & Medicaid). She is a skilled senior project manager with numerous areas of expertise including EHR System configuration & customization, MU, CQM and PQRS training. Joy has authored several of the incentive and compliance program courses for 4Medapproved and has been a significant contributor to the 4Med instructor-led workshops, learning lunch and industry column initiatives.


 Dr. Evelyn Bottando, Subject Matter Expert (SME): Professional Communications in Healthcare

bottando1aDr. Evelyn Bottando teaches Media Studies in the Department of Communication at Indiana University. Her classroom courses on patient communications with medical students and health providers is a comprehensive area of focus for her teaching practice. Dr. Bottando contributes on topics of communications in healthcare for 4Med and as member of the 4Medapproved Academic Advisory Board.


Wayne Singer, Subject Matter Expert (SME): Incentive Program Instructor and Content Developer

waynesinger b&wWayne Singer is a Director of Certification & Development, EMR Advocate, Inc. and Partner at ZenonHealth, LLC He has an extensive background in healthcare coupled with experience in product and software development. ayne has assisted over 200 EHR vendors with their Meaningful Use Certification. Additionally, he has worked with both hospitals and ambulatory providers with their PQRS, MU Attestation, Audits and Appeals. This work allows him to bring a high level of value to the very dynamic Health IT space. His deep knowledge of CMS/ONC EHR certification, Interoperability and the Value-based performance, provides him with the ability to successfully address the complex requirements surrounding these ever changing programs. Wayne has the ability to communicate directly with C-Level management and to drill down to discuss the specific requirements with development teams. 

Jim Tate, Subject Matter Expert (SME): Incentive Program Instructor and Content Developer

jtate-200Jim Tate is recognized as the most experienced authority on the CMS EHR Incentive Programs. Jim is the President of EMR Advocate, Inc., Partner at Answers Media, LLC, and Partner at ZenonHealth, LLC. He has worked with over 200 EHR vendors on their certification projects, authored the first step-by-step manual on meaningful use: The Incentive Roadmap, and served as a Subject Matter Expert to the federally funded Regional Extension Centers for the adoption and implementation of electronic health records. Through his website,, and his team of experts, Jim has provided expertise and leadership in over 250 meaningful use audits.


Matthew Teich, Compliance Program Instructor 

mattteich b&wMatthew Teich is a graduate of the University of Missouri, where he received his Master of Health Administration, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics. He is currently the Practice Manager of a three office specialty clinic in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Matthew has an extensive educational and practical background in HIPAA compliance training, guidelines, and related HIT topics.



Advisory Board


David Gorter, Corporate President

Sid-150x150Mr. David Gorter is a serial entrepreneur and visionary investor with almost 30 years of hands-on experience in enterprise oversight and investment in educational support ventures. In addition, Mr. Gorter has served on numerous academic board of directors and brings a wealth of educational management history. David and his Gorter investment group provide insightful guidance to the management team with a focus on streamlining operations and developing a tightly focused business model.


Cole Younger, Corporate Advisor

coleyoungerCole Younger is the managing director of Arnold Venture Group. Cole provides oversight and guidance to the 4MedPlus management team regarding growth strategy and fiscal responsibility.  He received his degrees from the University of Washington. His experience includes work with Pacific Horizon Ventures and Bancshares Capital. In 2007, he founded Vintage Lane Venture Partners, an RIA firm that specialized in direct angel and venture capital investments for family offices and individuals.



Corporate Contact Information

4MedPlus Corporation
8550 West Bryn Mawr Ave Suite 1100
Chicago, Illinois 60631
(800) 671-1028